Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is valid for all information received by Bit-Market User during the use of this site. Using the Bit-Market exchange service, the user agrees to handle its personal data. The site uses user personal information for service and to improve the quality of the services provided. Information transmitted by the user to this site will not be disclosed to third parties.

1. What data are we collecting about user

When visiting our website, we automatically collect certain information. In particular, this information may include details as an IP address, a browser type, the name of the Internet provider; Pages with which users go to our website, as well as files viewed on our website (for example, HTML pages, images, etc.); type of operating system, date and time labels; Information about the website attendance to analyze certain tendencies in generalized on the basis of anonymously generated device identifiers, as well as manage the website.

2. Personal information

Direct data collection:

We collect the following information about each user who is registered on our website.

Identification information:

 Name and surname

 Date of Birth

 E-mail address

 Mailing address

 Phone number

 IP address

 Copy of passport, card ID or driver's license

 Document confirming address

Financial information

 Bank details

 Rooms of bank cards

 Information about perfect transactions

We reserve the right to request information about the user from third parties for personal verification purposes and in order to reduce the risk of fraud.

3. Data storage

The data collected about our users will be stored on our server for five years. To ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal data, we are taking action designed to protect this information from loss, misuse, unlawful access, disclosure, changes or destruction.

4. Disclosure of personal data

We collect personal information about our users in order to identify and prevent fraud. In this regard, the user's personal information may be transferred to a third-party service provider, collaborating with Bit-Market. Types of third parties with which we share information:

 State authorities, law enforcement officials - to fulfill the requirement of applicable law, directive or trial.

 Banks and other financial institutions collaborating with BIT-MARKET

 Companies that are our partners, providing personal audit services (client registration, customer audit, including PEP and sanctions).

5. Cookie files

Cookies are text files saved by your browser when you visit our site. We collect information using cookies and other similar tracking technologies to analyze certain trends, carry out the website management, document user actions on the website and collect common demographic information about our user database.

Cookies are used to determine when the user enters its account, as and at what time it is visiting our site, as well as to receive generalized information about using your device and web traffic.

Optionally, you can always change the settings of your browser so that he notify you about making cookies or did not accept them at all. At the same time, if you disable cookies, you may not be able to access our services.

6. Amendments

We can periodically change and revise this Privacy Policy due to operational, legal or regulatory reasons.

7. Feedback

Contact us on any issues, including on issues that arose in connection with our privacy policy.


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Instant support anywhere in the world

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